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My name is Addie, and this is my adventure into the marvelous world of creativity, play, and imagination. A place to reflect on fantastic artwork, animations, people, and thoughts that inspire me, so that maybe you will be inspired too! Adventure is out there!

Incomplete Manifesto for Growth


  1. Allow events to change you.
    You have to be willing to grow. Growth is different from something that happens to you. You produce it. You live it. The prerequisites for growth: the openness to experience events and the willingness to be changed by them.

  2. Forget about…

Spring awakening. Fly fishing on Rice Creek. Not a trout in sight, but an idyllic day nonetheless!

Race to the finish! My senior project is due in 6 days! Eeeeek!
(Norman Rockwell, Girl Running With Wet Canvas)

Race to the finish! My senior project is due in 6 days! Eeeeek!

(Norman Rockwell, Girl Running With Wet Canvas)

New Work In Progress!

For my capstone project as an art major, I’m screen printing historic images of folk revivalism onto found banjo ukuleles from the 1920s. Below is a silk screen being prepared with a painted image. 


The image is then printed onto goat skin and stretched into the frame of the banjo uke.


Many of the original instrument parts are missing, below I am in the process of carving some new friction tuning pegs from oak dowels and hardwood. 


Lots still to do, but getting some exciting results! 

Fly-tie Tuesday (a day late). Although 4 years of studio art major-ing probably won’t get me a job, it at least makes me better than average at tying little bits of fluff together. Awesome.

The original version that Simon and Garfunkel recorded. Mind:blown. 

Good goings on. Tie Fly Tuesdays (flashback scud!) and Homestead Pickin’ Parlour field trip (I’ve ne’r seen so many banjers in my life!).  Ah, the sweet sweet click of the Canon Rebel T3 the art dept. is ever-so-kindly lending me :)

Pete Seeger cover. Homemade instruments. Modern folk revival. 

Window Seat by Matt Low 

Is it wonder? Wistfulness? Whatever it is we all know that feeling when gazing out the window of an airplane. Brooklyn-based photographer Matt Low shot this amazing series showing people in the window seat of a plane gazing out. In this series, called Window Seat, Low explores the universal fascination with looking down from a place far above. Explaining Window Seat, Low says, “The Window Seat series… is my attempt to capture on other peoples faces the feeling I have of being compelled to stare out of the window when I fly. I fly a lot… I find looking down endlessly fascinating–it’s one of the few times that I still get a thrill of child-like amazement… I like to think that on the inside, the people I capture have that feeling too.”

(Source: razorshapes)